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Useful and interesting IT articles, eLearning news

Some useful and interesting IT articles, eLearning news by NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd.

    Remote employee training: a complete guide
    In light of the recent crisis over the COVID-19 pandemic, remote has become one of the hottest topics of the year. A huge…
    5 leading instructional design models
    Let us take a look at some of the leading instructional design models: The ADDIE Model, Merrill's Principles of Instruction,…
    7 Reasons Why you Need an Instructional Designer
    Have you ever come across the concept of instructional design? Although it may be far from new, many of us are still unaware…
    Corporate e-learning - ROI
    Employee Training ROI: Measure and Analyze ROI with the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model
    Adult education
    Is a different approach to adult learning needed? Learn what are the main characteristics that distinguish adults from other…
    Buyer's Guide LMS -LCMS
    What are Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)? LMS vs. LCMS: What's the difference?
    How to create engaging e-learning courses
    When you create an online experience (wow that term!), which engages and connects learners with your online content, the…
    Working from home
    Will working from home become commonplace and seem like an increasingly attractive option for employees? What are the trends…
    Team building games for team development
    Team building games are not just a favorite of HR. They are a great way to learn the methods of working in your team and…
    How to Download Videos from YouTube - Free and Safe
    See how to download videos from YouTube if you are traveling and have no Internet, if your Wi-Fi connection is weak, unreliable,…
    10 Things That Determine Employee Engagement (presentation)
    Relationship with the manager, feeling of happiness, health, acceptance of company values, job satisfaction, relationships…
    The Need of Online Workplace Safety Training
    It is always a good idea to be one step ahead when it comes to taking crisis prevention measures. Why not take the first…