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NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. developed a turnkey solution – a management system, called ‘Buyer Profile’ that allows fast and easy publishing of public procurements and public calls

The software answers all of the Public Procurement Law (PPL) requirements that came into force on 01.10.2014. The ‘Buyer Profile’ system is a web based application that allows the assignors to easily and securely manage their ‘Buyer Profile", as required by the PPL.

The main function of the ‘Buyer Profile’ is the organization of each procurement or public call in a separate folder with the date and time of its publication. The operation of the ‘Buyer Profile’ application is consisted with the public procurement departments of different types of public and private assignors. Its ease of use is a result of the pre-designed document templates for creating of procurements, preliminary notices, public calls, etc. The work with our ‘Buyer Profile’ system will reduce the risk of failures in the announcing and publishing of the procurement and its accompanying documents during the whole lifecycle of the procurement, as well as its archiving.

In the ‘Buyer Profile’ application are available additional features that ensure its easy operation: a tree structure, management of the procurement publishing process, access control, calendar, archive, sort by date, fast navigation, and search box.

What are the benefits of our product for procurement publishing – ‘Buyer Profile’?

  • You will get access for as many employees as needed.
  • You will distribute the obligations of your employees – that will provide you with the necessary time to comply with the deadlines.
  • You will receive a well structured and easy to use application for procurement publishing.
  • You will reduce the possibility of omissions during the process of procurement publishing, and hence breaking the PPL.
  • You will gain control over the process of document publishing.
  • You will receive a daily technical support – by phone, email or skype.
  • You will receive protection and archiving of your data.
  • You will receive traceability of the versions of each document.
  • You will have an application for procurement publishing, meeting the publicity requirements of the PPL.
  • You will be protected against penalties, connected with the process of procurement publishing.
  • You will gain a product that can be integrated with your website.
  • You will have a full control over every file, section or folder in your ‘Buyer Profile’.
  • You will receive an automatic management of the procurement publishing deadline.
  • You will have an archive of the past procurements.

In our application, you have no limitations in the number of procurements and public calls that can be uploaded.

Who may use our product: all procurement assignors according the PPL.

The internal rules, the publicity obligations and the archiving of the whole procurement lifecycle are in line with the European Union requirements and they are expected to create the necessary organization in the assignors’ work.

Our product for procurement publishing is easy to use for administrators with extensive experience as well as for staff that will work with it only in certain situations.

If the assignor wants, we may personalize the application by putting their logo – in that way every client will receive a customized product, ensuring the recognizability of the profile. 



Municipality of Svilengrad 


Metropolitan Ltd.


Vocational Technical School, city of Burgas


University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy


State Agency State Reserve and War-time Stock


Municitality of Harmanli 


Municipality of Dolna Banya 


NVSPEO 'Lomonosov'


'Pirogov' Hospital


Municitality of Vetovo


Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Maxillofacial Surgery Ltd.


Municipality of Loznitsa


Municipality of Rila


Multiprofile Regional Hospital for Active Treatment Dr. Stefan Cherkezov


Center for Prevention and Countering Corruption and Organized Crime


Municipality of Bregovo 


Municipality of Pernik


Municipality of Topolobgrad


''Willian Saroyan' 76 Elementary School 


Municipality of Sofia, Vitosha Region


Metropolitan Auto Transport


Municipality of Tsar Kaloyan


Municipality of Iskar


Municipality of Panagyurishte



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