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Router for transport and taxi companies

NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers router for transport and taxi companies, which allows pre-setting of the cost and time to provide a particular service

If you are a transport or a taxi company, this router is an excellent addition to your website. Your clients will be able to see exactly what their expenses will be and how much time will it take for the transport. 

The router can be configured with your prices and tariffs, depending on the time and distance. 

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Moreover, the product can be branded and its embedding in a website requires only a few minutes.

The router licensing options and payment methods are diverse and affordable. If you have interest, please give us a call +359 2 8505364 or write us an email at: office@nitbg.com

On the following URL you can see a sample router for a taxi company, using two tariffs: http://route.nitbg.com/.

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