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Online Course Business Correspondence

Know the requirements and rules of business correspondence

Business correspondence is used daily in the workflow of any company. Texts in the business sphere are distinguished by their specific features. In this course, you will learn the requirements for drafting and formatting written documents.

In everyday work and personal life, everyone is confronted with different types of documents. If this is the first time you have had to create a document, you will probably find this task difficult and complicated. This is because every document in business correspondence has mandatory elements (requisites) that it must contain. This training will show you exactly what each type of document should contain with real examples and templates that you can use when drafting documents.

When writing business texts, it is very important to follow the spelling rules to make the text look professional. Therefore, the training points out some basic spelling rules and the most common mistakes in documentation.

Taking into account that nowadays electronic correspondence is the most frequently used, the rules for this type of correspondence are presented in the training.

To make writing business texts easier, the training includes tips and examples for using expressions and addresses in business correspondence.


Course content

Nature and features of business correspondence

Text formatting requirements in business correspondence

Types of written business correspondence and rules

  • Business letter
  • Request letter
  • Offer
  • Counter-offer
  • Order
  • Contract
  • Advertisement
  • Personal documents - CV, cover letter, reference, CV, application
  • Internal - company correspondence

Examples of common mistakes

Rules for electronic correspondence

Tips for using expressions and addresses in business correspondenceя


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