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NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. We are at your disposal for everything that we can be helpful with

NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. is a software company with 18 years of experience in website development, online store development, application development, instructional design, Moodle, ILIAS.de, instructional design, learning management system

Modern and Effective Online Learning Solutions


They represent an effective solution for creation, management and conduction of online courses that can be successfully used in the activity of your organization, company or educational institution.

The company also offers the following services:

• creation of educational content;

• consultation;

• configuration of a learning platform, tailored to your needs.

The online learning systems provide many opportunities for the realization of a modern and qualitative online learning:

• creation and management of learning resources - courses, lessons, modules, categories, etc.;

• management of the whole learning process, learners and educators;

• creation and management of additional learning items, such as tests, polls, surveys, chat rooms, virtual class rooms, wikis, forums, etc.;

• choice of the workload and the pace of learning - by combining graphics, sound, images, animation and video.

In learning management systems, teachers are the architects of the learning process and they determine the content, tests, assignments and practical exercises. Behind all of the above-mentioned solutions stay brand new and affordable methods and technologies.

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