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Online Course Social Engineering

What is social engineering, how to recognize it and protect yourself?

Hackers are increasingly using social engineering methods to gain access to information. The consequences of social engineering attacks can be serious for companies or individuals.

What distinguishes social engineering from other hacking attacks is that it requires the use of people - so-called targets - to provide access to confidential or other types of information. Precisely because of this feature, it is extremely important to know the techniques that hackers use in social engineering so that you can protect yourself and avoid their attempts to break into your information.

The training describes the most commonly used techniques in social engineering and gives specific examples of different attacks. With the help of the examples you will be able to learn how to easily recognize these types of attacks.

The precautions and tips described here on how to avoid social engineering attacks will help you protect yourself and the company you work for



Course content

What is social engineering?

Techniques in social engineering

  • Online tactics
  • Phone tactics
  • Waste management
  • Personal hike
  • Reverse social engineering

How to recognize social engineering attacks?

Real examples of social engineering

Safeguards against social engineering

  • Impact of social engineering on business
  • Creating defences against social engineering in a company 
  • Tips on how to avoid social engineering attacks


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