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European Commission with new guidelines for GDPR

EC with a new website

After 4 months, the new common European regulation on personal data protection - GDPR - enters into force.

To help organizations and individuals prepare for change, the European Commission has launched a new website with guidelines for implementing the GDPR, along with a Fact sheet containing frequently asked questions and a Communication  document.

To find out what actions the European Commission is planning until 2020, see this document . It describes the planned until 2020. actions. Some of these actions are: monitoring the application of the Regulation and taking measures if necessary; participation in events and seminars; collecting feedback; issuing a report on the implementation of the GDPR, etc ..

It is clear everywhere that the GDPR requires a lot of work from all the countries concerned, but the Commission is clearly concerned about its implementation in the new Member States as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises. Not all 28 EU member states have the same experience and training for the GDPR. But the Commission has taken steps to address the imbalance, such as funding for training for professionals, information campaigns, etc.

The Commission acknowledges that there is still much to be done in the next four months, but the GDPR needs to be taken seriously and all EU Member States need to start implementing it.

If you want to learn more about the provisions of the GDPR, use our e-learning "Privacy" . More information about it can be found here .

Source: dataprotectionreport.com .

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