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Useful and interesting IT articles, eLearning news

Some useful and interesting IT articles, eLearning news by NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd.

    Social Listening
    Many social media marketers believe that "social listening" comes down to metrics. But they are only one component.
    What is brainstorming?
    Brainstorming involves a calm, informal approach to problem solving combined with non-standard thinking.
    Improve your creativity
    We will look at 3 techniques that will help you increase both your own creativity and the creativity of your team.
    Typography in UI design
    Effective design and good typography go hand in hand. This is especially true for UI design, as text there often occupies…
    Process to create an email
    When writing an email, it will be much easier if you follow a pre-prepared action plan.
    Stage fever during a presentation?
    It is perfectly normal to feel nervous and anxious before a presentation.
    6 tips for Business Profile on Instagram
    If you want more followers after creating your Instagram Business Profile, you can follow our tips in the article.
    Vocational training video: video training
    If you need to create a vocational training video, will you be able to handle the recording of the training video yourself.
    Recruitment marketing
    SEO, PPC, copywriting, email marketing - the new weapons of the modern recruiter in the selection of employees and the necessary…
    Interactivity in e-learning
    Whether you are just start-up or a guru in the field of e-learning, you know that the interactive methods used are crucial…
    How we all become Agile: Techniques for achieving empathy
    What are the seven Agile skills you need to develop in a team to achieve effective work, develop emotional intelligence and…
    How to improve your management skills?
    Have you ever wondered what are the skills that make a manager successful? They are a set of personal and professional skills…