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2021 news and articles

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      How we all become Agile: Techniques for achieving empathy
      What are the seven Agile skills you need to develop in a team to achieve effective work, develop emotional intelligence and…
      How to improve your management skills?
      Have you ever wondered what are the skills that make a manager successful? They are a set of personal and professional skills…
      9 ways to shorten the time to close a sale
      The sooner you can close your sales, the sooner you will get your money.
      Remote employee training: a complete guide
      In light of the recent crisis over the COVID-19 pandemic, remote has become one of the hottest topics of the year. A huge…
      5 leading instructional design models
      Let us take a look at some of the leading instructional design models: The ADDIE Model, Merrill's Principles of Instruction,…
      7 Reasons Why you Need an Instructional Designer
      Have you ever come across the concept of instructional design? Although it may be far from new, many of us are still unaware…