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Why doesn’t your website sell?

Functionalities that could affect your website performance

As we all know, the main purpose of every website is to increase sales and build a strong online presence.

According to studies, Internet users spend an average of 10-20 seconds on a website. The only way to make them stay for longer is by giving them something they would like.

Today we will show you some basic problems your website may experience that could affect its performance.

Inappropriate Images

Marketers recommendwebsite owners to use relevant and high-quality images. A beautiful image will not only attract users’ attention, but will also lead to more social media shares.

Lack of a section with reviews and testimonials

If your website does not have a section with reviews and testimonials, you are missing an easy and effective marketing opportunity. Sharing such details will build confidence in your services and dispel the concerns that potential customers might have.

Inappropriate color palette

Another factor that may lead to a decline in your sales is the usage of an inappropriate color palette. The influence of colors on human psychology is a widely discussed topic. So, do your research and see if the colors of your business website are what they are supposed to be. Do not forget the fact that your website should bebranded; there must be something to distinguish you from the competition and make your business easily recognizable.

Outdated Information

Think about the last time you uploaded any new information toyour website. If the answer is not "This week," you must change your website support strategy.Websites that not only look, but also sound outdated repelusers. They want to see that the company is making effort to keep up withthe innovations in their area.Therefore, you should regularly add new content and update the one that has been already published.

Hard to find

Even if you own the most beautiful and the most multifunction website, if nobody can find it, your efforts were in vain. In order to optimize your business website and improve its performance in search engine result pages, you should have some experience in the field of SEO optimization. If you do not have such an experience or for specific reasons you cannot deal with this on your own, our advice is to contact a SEO professional. He/She will help youupdate the entire content of your website and your business will be able to reach more people.

Your website is not responsive

Your business website should display well both on desktop and mobile devices - otherwise, you are missing a great market niche. More than 50% of online sales are made through mobile devices. Therefore,you do not have to hesitate - follow your clients’ preferences and increase your sales.

Contacts section is hard to find

Everyone, who visits your website, should be able to find your Contacts section. When a visitor has a question, he/she should be able to contact one of your representativesas quickly and easily as possible. In order to be available at any time, you can addchat functionalityto your website. In that way, you will be able to make a quick connection with your clients; your maintenance costs will be reduced and your sales will go up.

Misdirected focus

When users visit your website, they want to notice that your attention is focused on them. That’s why you should provide them with sections where they can easily find the answers they are looking for (Q&A section). In order to be more precise, you can highlight the most frequently asked questions.You can also add an archive with search functionality. This will increase the user experience to the maximum.

Obligatory registration

If you make the registration in your website obligatory, users will not be happy. In most cases, they will decide that the benefit theymight have from yourwebsite will not be enough. Think for every visitor as a potential client and do not force them to do something that will make them feel uncomfortable.

Autoplaying audio and video ads

A sure way to frustrateyour website visitors is by adding autoplaying audio and video ads. If, however, you insist on having such ads, make them as short as possible (within 5 seconds) or put a stop button.

Slow loading time

Internet users are impatient. Even if your business website is full of interesting and useful content, if its pages load too slowly, it may not enjoy a large number of visits. People value their time, so your website must meet their needs. Compress the images and do not use large files.

No social media links

Do not miss to integrate your business website with all major social networks. They are a great place to promote your business among people, who otherwise could not be targeted.

Broken links

Your website mustn’t contain broken links. If your website consists of many pages, consider the idea to use a form, through which users can report broken links.

No statistics

Over 75% of companies do not use tools to analyze the performance of their websites.If you do not keep an eye on metrics, you risk spending a lot of time and money without achieving the desired results.

No backup

Consider what would happen, if your website is hacked? In order to recover from the damages, you will need a lot of time and money. If you do not want to find yourself in a similar situation, protect your website.If you have a backup copy of your website, you will be able to get it back online within a few minutes.

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