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Adobe Photoshop Beginner’s Course

Adobe Photoshop course for beginners

We have developed for you an interactive course for working with the program-superstar in design - Adobe Photoshop.

Introduction. Highlights of the course

How to choose from the many Photoshop courses that take place online, or in person? With a little history, a little advice for your independent work and a lot of research, we developed the training material in the course. For your convenience, the high-volume exercises are illustrated with numerous screenshots. Each exercise has a video attached with which you can follow the steps in the lesson.

Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to prepare the novice user to create images using Adobe Photoshop. In preparing the training material for the Photoshop course online, we paid attention to the needs of those learners who want to learn to work with this program quickly.

This course is entirely online. We also prepared a Practical Exam for the course. When it is created, students send their work files to our team for feedback. The Final Test with theoretical questions, the assessment is automatic, and learners can see their result at the end of the test. The test can be passed again, counting the last number of points scored.

At the beginning of the First Module we have separated the lecture material for introduction to the program.

In the modules of this online course, you will learn how to cut an object from its background, crop an image to a certain size, apply filters, create a brush and much more.

Use the files for self-preparation and follow the exercises with us!

In the course, you have downloadable files - images, text files. Download them to follow the exercises as well as for self-preparation.

Each lesson has steps to follow. Before the exercises, the course has a separate lecture part with images on the screen with the functions of the program with which we will work. 

Content of the training   

Module 1. What you need to know about Adobe Photoshop?

Lesson 1. About the program and this course

Lesson 2. How can you find Photoshop?

Lesson 3. How will the course go?


Module 2. Introduction to how to use Adobe Photoshop

Lesson 1. Let's get acquainted with the program

Lesson 2. What can Photoshop do?

Lesson 3. Saving Images

Lesson 4. Introduction to layers in Photoshop

Lesson 5. How to work with Levels, Curves, Hue / Saturation, Vibrance?

Lesson 6. Increase and decrease noise

Lesson 7. Techniques for using layers in Photoshop


Module 3. Brushes, writing and histogram in Photoshop

Lesson 1. Working with brushes

Lesson 2. The writing tool

Lesson 3. How to use the histogram to evaluate the image?


Module 4. Retouching and image modification

Lesson 1. Selections and transformations

Lesson 2. Text layers

Lesson 3. Filters

Lesson 4. Final exam

Lesson 5. Brush from the image

Lesson 6. Brush of geometric shapes


Module 5. Tools and menus in Photoshop

Lesson 1. Pen Tool

Lesson 2. Merging

Lesson 3. Lightening

Lesson 4. Liquify

Lesson 5. Combining exposures

Lesson 6. Colors and lights

Lesson 7. Threshold


Module 6. Photo corrections

Lesson 1. Photo corrections - techniques

Lesson 2. Black and white photo

Lesson 3. Vintage effect

Lesson 4. Polaroid effect

Lesson 5. Correcting common mistakes

Lesson 6. Working with colors and Adobe Kuler

Lesson 7. Smart Objects and Smart Filters


Module 7. Photoshop settings

Lesson 1. Blurring, sharpening, and blurring

Lesson 2. Sponge tool

Lesson 3. Keyboard shortcuts


Final test

Files for download