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Online course Occupational health and safety

What are the risks at work and how can you protect yourself?

In any job, regardless of the line of work, there are risks to employees that can lead to negative consequences. Learn the basic rules for safe working conditions.

Day-to-day work activities may involve certain risks, both for the employee who carries them out and for other employees working in the organisation. The best protection to prevent such risky situations is a good awareness of each employee and a responsible attitude in the workplace.

Find out the most common sources of risk in the office and recommendations for safe workplace behaviour.

In the training you will find many useful tips and rules to achieve healthy and safe working conditions.

Training Programme for the Occupational Health and Safety Coursе



Risks in the workplace

  • Risk control
  • Safe behaviour
  • What are the most common sources of risk in the office
  • How to start the day comfortably and safely
  • Other causes of workplace accidents
  • Recommendations for safe behaviour

Work environment factors

  • Lighting
  • Microclimate
  • Noise
  • Working with video displays

Useful tips for your working life

  • Movement
  • Walkers, knees and feet
  • Back, arms and shoulders
  • Eyes
  • Monitor settings
  • Useful tips for using your mouse and keyboars
  • Working with printers and photocopiers
  • Basic rules for the operation of office furniture and furnishings
  • General rules when working with electrical appliances

Signs for occupational safety and fire protection

  • Basic types of work safety signs
  • Fire protection
  • Emergency exits

Provision of pre-medical care

  • First aid
  • Ambulance for a broken bone
  • Emergency care for injury and bleeding
  • Emergency medical assistance in an accident with electricity
  • First aid in case of a foreign body in the eye

Actions to be taken in extreme situations in the event of workplace incidents

  • Fire
  • Earthquake

Stress at work

  • Main sources of stress at work
  • How to reduce sources of stress at work

Test to the training - upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of training - Occupational health and safety


What is the need for workplace safety training

The need for workplace safety training in Bulgaria stems from legislative requirements that are imposed within the European Union.

As part of the legislative framework for health and safety at work in Bulgaria, all employers are obliged to take the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of their employees. This includes establishing safe working conditions, providing the necessary protective equipment, and training staff to carry out their tasks safely.

Workplace safety training is important because it reduces the risk of work-related incidents and accidents. This not only improves employee health and safety, but also improves productivity and efficiency of work processes.

In addition to legislative requirements, workplace safety training is also necessary to build a safety culture in the work environment. This helps to establish good safety practices and maintain a consistently high level of awareness and attention to workplace hazards.

Which laws and regulations apply to workplace safety training

Workplace safety training in Bulgaria is regulated by a number of laws and regulations, including:

Occupational Health and Safety Act - This Act sets out the rights and obligations of employers and workers in the area of occupational health and safety, and the requirements for training workers in this area.

Ordinance No. 3 of 26.05.2004 on the procedure for organizing and conducting training of workers on occupational health and safety - this ordinance sets out detailed requirements for organizing, conducting and documenting occupational health and safety training.

Ordinance No. 4 of 12.05.2004 on the minimum requirements for safety and health at work - this ordinance defines the minimum requirements for safety and health at work, including training requirements for workers.

Labour Law - This law regulates general working conditions, including the rights and obligations of employers and workers in the area of occupational health and safety.

These laws and regulations are among the main legislative documents that regulate workplace safety training in Bulgaria. In addition to these, there are other regular or temporary acts issued by the competent authorities which may specify and supplement the requirements for workplace safety training.


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