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Bulstrad Life EAD

Bulstrad Life EAD is a leader in providing life insurance services

Delivery, installation, and training to work with a learning management system ILIAS

“Bulstrad Life” EAD has 20 years of successful experience in offering life insurance services not only to individuals but also to corporate clients. The company has at its disposal a network of agencies and offices throughout Bulgaria and offers a variety of packages - savings programs, risk coverage, insurance coverage for clients of financial institutions, healthcare and care, travel insurance abroad and more.

In 2013, in response to the pressing need for better healthcare and easier access to healthcare, the company launched its healthcare business. Today “Bulstrad Life” EAD is at the forefront of the health insurance market. Approximately 40,000 clients receive 24/7 top-quality healthcare.

The consumer approach is a leading factor in life insurance. Therefore, it is one of the major challenges the company faces in trying to build a strong trust with its customers. Through the training of its employees, “Bulstrad Life” EAD ensures the competence and adequacy that are crucial for the success of the company.

Innovation is an important element that contributes to the effectiveness of insurance and facilitates customers by providing them with greater convenience. With the introduction of Salesforce.com's cloud-based CRM system, the company is building a more stable connection with its customers. It has access to all the necessary information thanks to the dedicated telephone exchange and with only one call from the client receives all his personal and medical data.

"It's important for us to be competent. That's why we want to know everything about each of our clients so that we are ready to respond professionally when he or she looks for us."

Speed, sense of personal attention, prioritization, traceability and two-way service – “Bulstrad Life” EAD knows what to provide its users with when they are most in need of help.

The company offers a special mobile application - B-Assist. Through it, registrants can submit online requests to record an hour for review. Processing is fast, and confirmed hours are synchronized with a personal calendar. Discretion is also provided in the event that a person is in an inappropriate place and is unable to explain his or her health problem in an open manner.

“Bulstrad Life” EAD supports social projects related to disadvantaged children and young people.

When it comes to life insurance, no compromise should be made.

“NIT - New Internet Technologies” Ltd provides “Bulstrad Life” EAD with the Ilias - Distance Learning Platform. It is a powerful and flexible e-Learning and collaboration tool. It's multifunctional interface further guarantees the quality of the user experience.

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