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Unimasters Logistics

Modern and intelligent logistic solutions

Delivery, installation and training to work with a learning management system (LMS) ILIAS in the activity of the logistic company Unimaster Logistics

Unimasters Logistics SCS offers intelligent logistics solutions - design, management and control of logistics operations. It has a branch network of 15 offices in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. Thanks to its innovative approach, creativity and years of experience, the company executes flawlessly projects of any size and complexity. The team of motivated professionals strives to exceed customer expectations.

Unimasters Logistics SCS offers all types of transportation to 175 countries - air, sea, road, rail and intermodal. Services include cargo storage and storage.

The logistics company offers its customers the option of Supply Management. It includes Analysis and Forecasting, Planning, 3PL / 4PL / LLP, Cost Operating Model, Strategy and Distribution Model. Unimasters Logistics SCS has cloud analytics software as well as integrated business planning software through which customers can get an insight into their operational data, revenue, and expenses, and perform long-term planning as well as themselves to create a predictive model.

The company offers complete transparency of logistics processes and strict control over the estimated logistics costs through the IT cockpit for managing carriers, suppliers and other subcontractors. Unimasters Logistics SCS performed estimation of warehousing and transport costs in the supply network and in deliveries of finished goods.

Unimasters Logistics SCS has extensive experience in the logistics of a shipping business. The company takes care of sourcing, onboard engineering, and technical services, managing spare parts and supplies needed for unmanned navigation, and logistics for critical spare parts in case of need. In addition to delivery, Unimasters Logistics SCS conducts an objective analysis of the ship's inventory and inventory.

The logistics company has a team of trained specialists in dismantling and transporting oversized cargo from anywhere in the world. Customers have a wide choice of transportation solutions for each of their projects in the oil, energy and construction sectors.

NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. provides to the logistics company Unimasters Logistics SCS delivery and installation of a distance learning platform ILIAS.

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