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5 rules for effective business logo design

Logo design is a complex and important process. You have to consider many things - color, font, size, shape, image, etc.

In today's article we will show you the 5 most important rules to follow when working on your next business logo.

Bet on simplicity

Stick to simplicity.

If you want to attract the attention of your potential customers or remind yourself of the current ones, the least you need is a crowded logo. It will certainly not benefit your business.

Some of the most successful logos adhere to a clean design. Therefore, we recommend that you rely on clear forms and do not use many elements that distract the eye and attention from your main message. As a good example of this rule, we can point to the Shell logo:



Be original

Your logo should be your logo. It should in no way resemble the logo of another company. View the logos of your competitors and create something of your own. When considering how to avoid recognition with another company, pay attention to color, shape, symbolism. The choice of colors in the Taco Bell logo is a good example of how to create an easily recognizable company logo:

Your logo should be easy to remember

What do Greyhound's running dogs have in common with Apple's bitten apple? That they are easy to remember. Nowadays, the average consumer is flooded with a large number of ads - TV ads, billboards, web banners, pop-up ads, Google ads and more. How do you make your logo stand out from the rest? Choose a design that is both easy to remember and easy to recognize.


The message you send with your logo must be clear and unambiguous

When working on the design of your logo, you need to analyze your audience in advance - who are the people who would become your customers or are your customers and what do they expect from you? Ask yourself - what does your company logo say about your business? Does it hint at strength, tradition, speed, flexibility, health, fun, etc.? Ford Motor Company, for example, has retained the well-known blue oval for more than a century.

Your logo should contribute to the recognition of your brand

The logo is the face of your company. Therefore, it should be easy to use for different types of advertising - brochures, packaging, Internet advertising, advertising on social networks and more. The effective logo is recognizable at first sight, whether it is colored, black or white and regardless of its size. If your logo looks good only if it is printed, then you have a problem. An example of a logo that demonstrates good brand recognition in all forms of advertising is the McDonald's logo. Think about all the formats in which you want to use your logo and make sure its design is appropriate. 

Source: 99designs.com.