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Professional copywriting tips

How to write an interesting and eye-catching text?

Have you ever come across a text that is difficult to read and something seems to interfere with every second word? Yes?

So you've come across a bad copywriter or, more likely, a lack of one. Many websites still publish poorly written texts - texts that not only do not sound good, but are not interesting.

If you are one of the people who decided to do copywriting or by some other circumstance you have to write texts for the web, then this article is just for you.

In it, we will give you 16 tips that will help you make your article useful and fascinating .

Get to know your audience

Think carefully about who you are writing the article for? What is his daily routine? What is important to him? What is he interested in? How old is he? The better you know your audience, the more targeted and relevant your article will be.

Investigate the competition

See what content your competition is posting. How do you present your products? What are their advantages? How is it trying to earn traffic? This will tell you what to focus your efforts on and save you time.


Before you start writing about a topic, a good copywriter does some research. Gather enough material to extract information. This will increase your capabilities many times over.

Find out the value of your product

You need to know the answers to these questions: Why do consumers need to buy your product? How can it be useful to them? How is your product better than the competition? What sets you apart from the rest?

Discover your unique offer

The more different your product is from the competition, the better. Your proposal should be strong enough to attract the attention of consumers.

Set a goal

What actions do you want the reader of your article to take? You need to clarify this before you start writing. If you can't answer this question, the reader will do nothing.

Grab the attention with the first sentence

With his first sentence, the copywriter must persuade people to continue reading his article. The best word you can use to get their attention is "you", resp. "You." Tell readers that your message is about them, not someone else. Other suitable words are "new", "exclusive", "exciting".

Write an original title

Ask yourself: What if people only read the title of my article? Would they be able to understand what it is about and what I offer them? Write several different titles and decide which one answers the above questions most fully.

Avoid the use of evasive words

In copywriting, it is not advisable to use words that do not imply something specific or direct, such as "maybe", "maybe", "probably", etc. Instead, use words like "will" and "can" to describe what your product will and can do for readers.

Do not use a painful bet

Avoid using a painful bet. See the examples below to find out what we mean:

• "Our company was chosen to receive the award." And "Our company received the award."

• "10 new designs were created." And "We created 10 new designs."

Use customer reviews

If you have positive customer reviews, don't miss the opportunity to include them on your site. A short and convincing recommendation can add a lot of value not only to your product, but to the whole company.

Write clearly, accurately and concisely

After writing your first draft, read it aloud. Ask someone else to read it to see if they will understand the message and the call to action. When editing, remove unnecessary words . See if you can limit your text to 30-50% of its original version.

To make it easier to read, use bullets and under headings. This way, readers will be able to scan the text and focus only on the more important parts.

Note that by simplifying the text, we do not mean to exclude all terms or write at primary school level. On the contrary, write so that your target audience can understand the message as easily and quickly as possible.

Make your text interesting

David Ogilvy says, "Tell the truth, but in a captivating way." How do you do that? Here are some ideas:

• Emphasize your individuality.

• Add humor or satire.

• Add controversy.

• Tell a story.

• Draw a picture.

Stimulate some emotion

Ask yourself - what do your future clients want most? There are many emotions you can use, but the strongest are: fear, greed, guilt, anger, flattery.

Prove your claims

You will sound much more convincing and you will make people believe you if you prove your claims with reliable data. In other words, back up your words with facts . This way you will be able to convince skeptical readers of your rights by showing that you really know what you are talking about. Here are some ways you can solidify your ideas:

• through facts and statistics;

• by presenting methodologies;

• by using case studies;

• with the help of success stories.

Mention your main idea at least 3 times

Successful copywriters and marketers use this rule regularly. If something is important, be sure to mention it once at the beginning, once in the middle of the text and once at the end.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful work!

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