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Online ads with more offline conversions?

Tips for increasing phone conversions

According to Google, when people use mobile search to make a purchase decision, they are 40% more likely to call the store.

It is the value of offline conversions that has led many businesses to rely on mobile ads. Especially since last year, Google made it possible for mobile advertising payments to be cost-per-visit. This not only reduces advertising costs, but also makes it much easier to assess the actual result.

Ads must lead to calls

Offline conversions as a result of a phone call continue to be underestimated. You cannot measure or optimize ROI by ignoring the calls you receive.

For many businesses, the phone call is the most valuable marketing interaction. According to research, incoming calls are 10 times more profitable than web leads. Industries such as automotive, insurance, finance, and household services all rely on incoming calls to gain new customers.

4 ways to increase the number of phone conversions

1. Users should be able to connect with you easily

If your business relies on phone calls for new orders, add your phone numbers and call buttons to your ads and website. This way, users who view your products will be able to contact you easily and conveniently.

2. Record the details of each caller

For each call, you must record the details of the person calling; how he found you; what keywords he used, etc. You need to know what happens during the conversation (who the client talked to, what was said, etc.), as well as what was the result of the call - whether the conversion was realized, what is the value of the call?

3. Integrate the data with the marketing tools you use

By including offline call data in your CRM and basic marketing tools, you will get a holistic view of the customer experience. By gathering all the data you need, you'll be able to reallocate your budget and optimize your campaigns so that we have better ROI.

4. Use the call data to personalize the experience

Use the data collected to customize the call experience. Thus, each of your potential clients can be redirected to the most appropriate sales consultant and realize offline conversion.

Source:  business2community.com.

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