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Recruitment marketing

Why today's recruiters use marketing methods

SEO, PPC, copywriting, email marketing - the new weapons of the modern recruiter in the selection of employees and the necessary marketing skills necessary for success in the battle to attract talented new employees

Today, hiring staff is very different from what it was before. Because the labor market itself has changed a lot. Unemployment is declining and the need for new talent, especially in the field of information technology, is increasing.

This situation complicates the work of HR teams, as there are now fewer candidates for each advertised position. A regular job post no longer works. To find the best employee, you need to outdo yourself and learn how to sell a position.

Recruitment is now more about marketing, and marketing skills are and will be useful in the future for today's recruitment experts.

Successful recruiters must also be good copywriters

If a candidate has been looking for a job for some time, it makes sense for him to read a lot of job vacancies. Most of their ads are simply copied from other sources. Although writing unique job descriptions is a daunting task, copying ads from other recruitment agencies will do far more harm than good.

The text of the vacancy notice is very important and therefore you should be a cool recruiter in combination with good copywriters.

In order to write an excellent job advertisement, recruiters need to know who their ideal candidate is:

What they read;
What interests them;
What "catches" their attention;
What language do they speak?

You should not become a copywriting guru to write job postings, but you should know the basic elements to apply when recruiting:

Write the same way you speak - use natural language, not official.
Talk about the candidate and his needs, not about yourself.
Turn requirements into benefits.
Make your ad easy to read.
Make it so that they want to get the position and do not need voluminous tests in the first stage.
Copyright is a great fun. Acquiring these skills will be useful for every aspect of your work.

Email marketing still works

99% of all e-mail users check their mailboxes at least once a day. This shows us that email marketing is still alive, you just need to be able to implement it.

To attract potential candidates, you can try the good old e-mail newsletter. To a greater or lesser extent, this method works. But it is much more practical not just to send letters, but to try to build a relationship of trust with potential employees.

If you have a database of candidates who have not yet reached the final stage of hiring, send them personalized content, not pointless spam. Don't forget to send updates about vacancies, important news about the company and share information about the company's culture.

Future recruiters have already mastered PPC (Contextual Advertising).
Some may find this strategy intrusive, but pay-per-click ads are really effective at attracting talented candidates. According to Farrel Digital, between 14 and 23% of all their candidates come through the PPC.

The best thing about PPC is that you pay for efficiency: only for those who make real candidates.

SEO is the way to the best candidates

Search engine optimization not only works, but can also be used as a basic strategy to stimulate traffic, growth and income. The recruiter should not go into the technical aspects of SEO. But it is important to know that with proper use you can achieve excellent results.

Using SEO to recruit employees is like optimizing advertising pages. For example, if you want to hire a Java developer, you need to optimize the page and use this key properly so that your ad is among the first search results in search engines.

What you need to know about SEO when recruiting:
It will take time to find the right solutions and see how they start working.
Do not use dubious tactics to improve your results.
When it comes to common positions, such as 'sales representative', it is difficult to achieve a high position in demand. But it is possible. Use not only keywords, add clarification. So you're more likely to reach your target audience and climb the Google rankings.

Remember that quality text comes first and SEO comes second. Write what your candidates want to read, not the words that make Google rank you in search.

Imposing a trademark on the employer

The employer brand is closely related to the corporate brand. But there is one important difference: instead of focusing on customers, you focus on the people who want to work for you. While marketers think about customers, recruiters need to think about candidates and create a recruitment funnel.

The brand of the employer is important to position yourself as a desired company and attract the right people. 9 out of 10 candidates say they will apply for a job in a company whose brand has a good reputation.

This means that recruiters need to think like marketers and advertise their company in every way possible. First of all, recruiters need content for the company, its employees and culture. Blog articles, photos, videos, reviews, social media posts, highlights of the day - tell the candidates and they will love you even before you ask for their resume.

What is a modern recruiter?
The competition in the labor market is quite fierce and you need more than a recruiter to successfully find talent. He must be aware of the trends and the best tactics in order to stand out and attract the really best candidates.