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Stage fever during a presentation?

Tips for dealing with stage fever during a presentation

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous and anxious before a presentation.

But you should not take this as a disadvantage or a weakness.

The main thing you need to do to reduce your worries is to rehearse. If you take enough time to prepare, you will feel much calmer during the presentation and you will not suffer from stage fever.

To calm your nerves during the presentation, you can use several tried and tested strategies and exercises:

Breathe deeply

This will give your brain more oxygen, and it will deceive your body that you feel calmer.

Drink water

Adrenaline will make your mouth dry. Therefore: during the presentation, bring a bottle or glass of water, and regularly take small sips.

Chew gum

If you chew gum before the presentation, you will feel calmer. Of course, be sure to discard the gum before starting.


A smile is naturally reassuring. In addition, it will help you get closer to the audience and the stage fever will disappear faster.

Take breaks

Pause before you start talking. Establish eye contact with the audience and smile. This will not only calm you down, but will also make people pay attention to you.

Speak slowly

Speak a little slower than you would in a normal conversation and leave longer pauses between sentences.


This will get rid of some of your energy. But try not to just move back and forth, as this can distract your audience.

Stop thinking about yourself

Remember that people have come to learn something and your task is to provide itTry to forget about the tension and focus on how to convey your message as clearly as possible.

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