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10 text-to-speech programs (TTS) for eLearning

List of 10 TTS Text-to-Speech Programs

Text-to-speech programs offer a variety of settings to choose from. Let us help you with a brief description of ten of the most used TTS.

Text-to-speech programs offer a variety of settings to choose from. Let us help you with a brief description of ten of the most used TTS.

Do you want to bet on spectacular and high-quality audio material when designing online training? Text-to-speech software has gained ground in recent years of great popularity in the eLearning industry. We suppose you know that not all people are visually oriented and memorize much better educational material in audio format.

Adding a human voice not only creates a touch of personal attitude to the material taught but also engages the learner emotionally in what you tell. But what happens if you want to hire an amazing actor to record a large number of lyrics?

The price jumps significantly. Do you decide to add or correct part of the record? The price is swelling again.

But how do you convert text to speech? Very simple - by using appropriate software.

Text-to-speech software tools put an end to concerns when working with audio professionals, but of course, there are limitations.

We can offer the following list of TTS tools:

NaturalReader - a program to convert text to voice

Optical Character Recognition Software, or Optical Character Reader (OCR) - Mechanical or electronic transfer of typed, handwritten or printed text to the machine. Suitable for Windows and Mac. With Speech Speed Change Option. It offers a free PDF, Word, and Web page compatible version. The choice is cast: American and British English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, etc. People with dyslexia or low vision will be greatly facilitated when using this software. It offers four subscription plans.

Zabaware Text To Speech Reader - a program to convert text to voice

A great TTS token with a speech synthesizer that relies on many types of documents. Compatible with different types of text - documents, emails, websites, clipboard content, and Windows dialogs. It provides many subscription plans. The free version provides you with high-quality non-human voices. Suitable for people with reading and concentration problems.

iSpeech - a text-to-speech program

iSpeech is a TTS software that transfers text to different species audio formats, unlimited in one device - WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, AIFF, ALAW, ULAW, VOX, MP4. Instead of betting on PDF, you can upload any text source, even text from chat apps. speech has a responsive design that covers many types of mobile devices. It offers a variety of subscription plans.

Acapela Group Virtual Speaker - a text-to-speech program

One of the best Text to speech software tools on the market. Particularly suitable for eLearning - many compatible formats, languages, and audio options. More than 70 types of voices and 30 languages with the added range of intonation to show happiness, sadness, whispering, and shouting. Save Formats: 8 kHz, 11 kHz, 16 kHz, 22 kHz, 44 kHz and more. Speech control - modify settings, voice, or language while listening to a speech. No subscription. The tool and all its features are free.

Ivona - a program to convert text to voice

Ivona has proven to be one of the best ways to create TTS. This party is a member of the Amazon group of companies by offering 47 humanoid voices. Ivona works in 24 languages, with female and male voices for almost all of them. Partner with ReadSpeaker. Ivona guarantees quality for almost all types of devices. Also, you can integrate Ivona into other applications. It offers multiple subscription plans.

TextSpeech Pro - text-to-speech program

Download software that works with the most popular document types - PDF, MS Word, HTML. Support for disadvantaged people. The paid version includes AT&T natural voices with the change of speed, volume, quality. Read emails and different types of web pages aloud. Offers 6 subscription plans.

Made by NextUp. One of the most professional TTS tools - with 29 languages. Partnering with AT&T Natural Voices, Acapela Group, Ivona, and Nuance Vocalizer. Multiple types of voice and accentuation of speech. Option to download a free version. Reading voicemail messages, use for disabled people. It offers two premium options.

Read The Words- a text-to-speech program

Online TTS software with an easy-to-use interface. Languages: English, French, Spanish, with 15 votes. Convert RSS articles to voice recording. For the free version - 30 seconds. Subscriptions: premium option with a three-day test period.
Voice Reader 15 - a text-to-speech program

Linguatec builds this great TTS tool with many feature adjustments. Set of 45 languages - English, German, Italian, etc., depending on the chosen plan. Translator - Available in many types of subscription plans.
AudioBookMaker - a text-to-speech program

Free and secure TTS software. Multilingual interface - English, Russian, Chinese, etc. Change of speed, tone, volume. Emphasize spoken text - important for disabled people. Multiple settings and saving them the next time you open the document. No subscription. The tool and all its features are free.

TextAloud 3 - a text-to-speech program

We can probably add many more text-to-speech programs. The most important for us is the functionality for converting text into speech in Bulgarian. This is due to the presence of "voice" in Bulgarian.
Good software for this purpose is Balabolka. Converting text to speech when using Balabolka is often the only opportunity to make the training for the blind. They often write about it themselves as the most affordable text-to-speech tool because it's free. It is important to note that the Bulgarian voice is Darius.


The tools we have introduced can greatly facilitate the learning process as a stand-alone time, funds and efforts. Whether you choose to use a professional actor or a machine voice, voice transmission is undeniably effective and helpful to people. NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. develops e-trainings with embedded audio materials, voice recording and voice over services.

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