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7 things you need to change in your website

How to turn your website into a working business solution?

Think for a second - what is the thing that you really don’t like when you visit a website?

We guess that you will point out something that is interrupting your user experience.

And this is absolutely normal. Whether it is a slow loading website, inappropriately placed ad or something else, your bad impression stays for a long time. If you have a personal or business website or your work is closely associated with the development and the maintenance of websites, you must be aware of the things that internet users don’t like.

1. Your website has too much text

On average, internet users read about 28 % of the words placed on a web page. Consider this when you work on the content of your website. Provide interesting and relevant texts. Use images and videos. They attract attention and lead to more website visits.

2. Your website’s page speed is too low

According to surveys, 40% of the internet users will leave your website, if its loading time is more than 3 seconds. Therefore, you should regularly check it and if necessary, take quick and adequate measures.

3. Your website isn’t mobile friendly

Internet users search for information through different devices – desktop and mobile. Actually, 65 % of browser searches come from mobile devices, meaning that your website should be able to visualize on screens of different sizes. It should have responsive design, so that users can look through every page, no matter of the device they are using at the moment.

4. Your website has irritating pop-up ads

It is not surprising that 90-95 % of internet users don’t like pop-up ads. They interrupt their user experience. Therefore, you should ensure that there are no irritating registration forms or ads on your website. Make them small and easy to be ignored by the people, who aren’t interested in them.

Consider using pop-up ads that show with a little delay. For example, if users have spent some time on your website or they have scrolled down to a specific position. If a user has stayed on your website for a longer time, it is obvious that he/she is interested in your products and it is less likely to be annoyed by a pop-up ad.

5. Your website contains auto playing videos

This is actually the most hated digital marketing tactic. Auto playing videos appear when users load your website and scroll to a specific position of the web page. This is a technique that aims to attract attention, but marketers should ask themselves whether it is worth to annoy the users. Will this video bring them enough benefits?

6. Your website doesn’t provide a quality user experience during shopping

It is a common issue for a business website to use a completely different platform than the one chosen for the online store development. In this case, the ‘Buy’ button loads another web page. The usage of different kinds of software leads to a bad user experience, reduced sales and customers’ irritation.

Therefore, you should try to develop your website and your online store with the same platform. This will make the process of online shopping easier and more pleasant.

7. Users can’t contact your customer support team

Your website should serve as a gateway for a two-way communication between consumers and brand. If users can’t find your contact information, they get disappointed. An easy access to your customer support telephone number or chat functionality will allow your clients to easily contact a representative of your company. And remember that feedback is important not only for your customers, it is important for you, your brand and the quality of its services.

Resource: mashable.com.


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