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eLearning and business

How eLearning can increase the productivity of your employees?

More and more often companies, especially those of a larger size, embrace eLearning as a tool to increase their employees’ productivity.

In today’s article we will share with you 4 ways in which this innovative form of trainingcan support the development of your company.

Traditional training forms are more expensive and more difficult to organize and conduct, especially, if the company has offices in different cities or different countries.The appearance of eLearning made training easier and more affordable.Various researches confirm its effectiveness.

1. Online courses can reach a greater numberof employees. They are much more convenient for working students, single parents and people with disabilities.
2. Online courses can be provided to a large number of employees as they cost less than hiring a lecture hall with a limited number of places.
3. Online courses can be customized according to company’s objectives and its employee’s’ skills.
4. Online courses are extremely flexible - employees can study during breaks, late at night, in the morning before work, etc.

Companies have two opportunities:

• They can draw up the text of the training by themselves - thus, it will meet their main needs.
• They can hire a company to create the training.

eLearning can easily be updated and provided to a different number of users at once or at different times and in small portions.

eLearning not only increases employees’ productivity, but also their ingenuity. It has a positive influence on many of their skills, such as decision-making, teamwork, problem solving.All these contribute to the development of the organization in which they work.

Resource: elearningindustry.com

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