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How to Create an Interactive Template with a Ready Image?

Easy to Use Tips That Will Add Motion to Your ELearning

More and more often, when people want to create interesting and useful online training or presentation template, they use various interactive elements and buttons.

Interactivity is extremely useful for the success of every project, as it adds motion and diversity.

In order to add interactivity to your project, you do not have to be a professional graphic designer. You just need to find appropriate images that have the potential for development in this direction. These may be images with a variety of visual elements, consistent context and elements, suitable for zooming and clicking.

The process of adding interactivity in a particular project may include multiple approaches, actions and elements. The video below shows simple actions, such as zooming.

Click here to watch the demo

If you want to learn how the demo was made, please, watch these videos:

Video 1: Interactive images;
Video 2: Zoom in and zoom out effects;
Video 3: Shortcuts and tips for saving time.

How to build your own interactive scenarios?

If you cannot find suitable photos for your project, you can create your own scenarios in two ways:

• Make your own collage.

Choose pictures that logically relate to your story. If you cannot make a collage on your own, you can use some kind of photo layout software. The simplest way to make a collage is to put the pictures in PowerPoint and arrange them there.

• Create a collage frame and add your content in it.

This method mimics the style of comics. Simply put, you create a window and place the photo in it.

Download free interactive templates for PowerPoint and Articulate 

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