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How to launch your website? Part One

Goals and ways to achieve them

Nowadays, people seek information online. We will not dwell in detail on the advantages of an online presence

Instead, in the next few articles, we will introduce you to the basics of launching your own website. At the same time, we will give you some design and marketing tips, which will help you make your investment profitable.

How to launch your website? What do you want to achieve?

The first thing you should do before you start your project is to decide what you want to achieve. Depending on the type of business, your website may combine several different functions.

Below we will describe the main types of websites and their goals.


These types of websites serve as an online business card of your company. They usually contain information about you, your main activities and products, your clients, contact details, etc.

Online store

If you build a website from the type online store, you will be able to make direct sales. If you decide to launch such a website, you should know it must contain a shopping cart and payment information.

Website with periodically updated content

Websites that periodically update their content are also known as news aggregators. They publish up-to-date information and maintain an archive. The information may be text information or multimedia information, like videos, for example.


A blog is a website, usually maintained by one of the company’s employees, who regularly publishes relevant information. It may be connected with the company’s services or it may include information about an upcoming event. Many businesses start their own blog in order to gain loyal clients.

Website-data base

In these types of websites users seek content or information, collected from different sources or websites.

Forum/Community website

Usually, forums and community website have many visitors, who use these online places as platforms for idea sharing.

In conclusion

In our next article from the series ‘How to launch your website?’ we will give you some more useful tips. They will be focused on the topic whether it is better to build your website on your own or to hire a company. We will also help you choose a proper domain and hosting.


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