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How to launch your website? Part Three

Core functionality, content management, marketing

In our previous articles from the series ‘How to launch your website?’ we introduced you the processes, through which your website must pass, in order to appear in the World Wide Web.

Today we are going to talk about the core functionalities that every website should have. Moreover, we will give you a couple of tips for its content and how it can be easily promoted. 

How to launch your website: Core functionalities

Websites have different designs, but all of them have some core functionalities. Internet users are used to finding certain information on every website they visit.

Therefore, you should comply with this.

• Your home page should contain a short description of your company and your main services. When a user lands on your website, he/she should be able to orient himself/herself about its topic and goal.
• Contact information – physical address, e-mail, phone number, fax, feedback form, interactive map. If you point out your contact details, users will be sure that your business is not fake. Moreover, they will be able to quickly contact you, if they have any question or find your location, if they want to visit you in person.
• Information about the team. Introduce your team or at least part of it. People want to know who they are going to place their trust in, what are his/her professional qualifications, etc.

Besides the aforesaid, you should also think about a couple of more things, concerning the design and the main functionalities of your website:

• Do not use Flash.
• Incorporate your company logo in your website design.
• Make your navigation intuitive. Depending on its size and type, a website may have between 5 and 1000 pages. However, remember that everything should begin from your home page. It must provide a quick look at the main sections of your website. When you want to add a new page, you have to think what is the next thing the user would search for? Do you provide a quick access to the home page and the contact page, etc.?

How to launch your website: Content management

You have to keep in mind that content is what will make users stay on your website. Content is every piece of information you see on the pages of a website, such as text, images, videos, audios, etc. No matter what you decide to include, you have to be sure that it is relevant to your industry and that it provides answers to your customers’ questions.

If you decide to add a Blog section, you can publish information about upcoming events, latest innovations, etc. In addition, you can publish interesting videos, such as product videos.

There are a few main things you have to keep in mind, when you work on the content of your website:

• It should be regularly updated.
• Consider the idea of hiring a copywriter. If you think you will not have the time to create relevant and interesting content for your website, it is a good idea to hire a professional copywriter.
• Use a content management system (CMS). Your website or blog should be developed with a content management system. This will let you easily update the information on your website, even if you do not have any experience in the field of website development.
• Use eye-catching custom images. Avoid using stock images that can be found on almost every website. If you have a bigger budget, think about hiring a professional web designer.

How to launch your website: Marketing

Imagine that your website is ready and functional. The next thing you want to accomplish is to make it easier for the users to find it.

Below we have listed two key marketing strategies:

• Use social media channels. As a modern business owner, it is unthinkable not to use the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you regularly publish posts there, you will boost the popularity of your brand.
• Use monthly newsletter. Sending monthly newsletters to your business contacts is a good opportunity to increase your website traffic. Moreover, if you have a seasonal product, i.e. a product that is more popular during a particular part of the year, make use of this situation.

You can use various marketing tactics to boost your website performance. Remember, marketing is a task you should never stop working on and it should go hand in hand with the technical maintenance of your website.


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