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SEO indicators showing that a website is of high quality

How to tell if Google likes your website?

As you most probably know, a few months ago Google once again updated its searching algorithms

Due to the fact that during the first weeks of its launching, the search engine did not confirm its existence, it became popular with the name Phantom. Similar to Google Panda Update, it also targets website with low-quality content. In order to understand whether your website meets the new Google requirements, you can use the below mentioned SEO indicators as a corrective.

What are the key elements of a quality website?

Interesting and relevant content

The content of your website must be unique and useful. It's nice to offer information that users cannot find elsewhere. However, note that if you do not have enough content to create a separate blog section, you better do not do it. Instead, focus your efforts on product pages and optimize them as well as possible.

User experience

If your website is full of interesting information, but it is not presented with the appropriate visual elements, no one will stay and read it. The lack of engagement will affect the performance of your website in search results.

Well-maintained website

Have you ever landed on a website with broken links and outdated information? Most probably, yes, but certainly you have not stayed for long. If you do not want this to happen to your website, you should regularly update its content and keep all its functionalities operating.

Forget about blackhat tactics

A few years ago Google algorithms allowed the usage of deceptive SEO tactics, but nowadays they are absolutely unacceptable. You risk too much, if you decide to use them, including dropping out of the SERP.


One of the sure ways your website to be dropped out is by being hacked. If your website is infected with some kind of malicious software, it can be delivered to the end users. Therefore, you should choose a hosting that is secure enough and do not forget to maintain your CMS constantly updated.

Social signals

Many people can challenge the assertion that social signals are useful thing, but they definitely affect the performance of a website. Social signals are not yet a separate ranking factor, but they can win new visitors and links for your website.

In conclusion

Whether it is the first time you hear about these indicators or you are familiar with them, we recommend you to take time to evaluate your website. So you can be sure that it will continue to exist and boost the growth of your business.

Resource: somebodymarketing.com.

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