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34 technological tools with a positive impact on efficiency

What are the most used and most useful technological tools that can be applied in the activities of small business?

They started using new technologies to build and maintain their own websites, to run email marketing campaigns, to advertise online or on social networks, etc.

Some of the tools that are most preferred by small business owners are Dropbox and Google Drive - for online storage of documents and information, Salesforce - for customer relationship management and Constant Contact - for email marketing. 

SurePayroll reveals 34 of the favorite technology tools of small business owners and divides them into the following categories :

Online storage

• Dropbox
• Google Drive
• Apple's iCloud
• Microsoft OneDrive
• Box

Social media

• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Google Plus
• Yelp
• Twitter
• Quora

Social media management

• Hootsuite
• Sprout Social
• TweetDeck
• Buffer
• Hearsay

Customer relationship management

• Salesforce
• Act
• NetSuite
• Zoho
• BuilderFusion

Email marketing

• Constant Contact
• InfusionSoft
• Marketo
• MailChimp
• Hubspot
• Pardot
• Eloqua
• Vertical Response

Organizational applications

• Google Drive
• Evernote
• Asana
• Tripit
• Trello

Increased use of technology seems to be paying off well. The SurePayroll survey shows that 62% of the small businesses analyzed were profitable in the first half of 2014, with this percentage expected to rise to 77% in the second half.

Scott Brand , vice president of the aforementioned company, argues that increasing profits is a combination of many factors, one of which is increasing the number of employees in the marketing department.

"Certainly, however, technology also helps," says Brandt . "Small business owners are obliged to use the latest technological tools for themselves and for their customers, some of which have already become part of their daily lives."

Source: businessnewsdaily.com.