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Videos in social networks

The missing part of your marketing strategy

In today's article we will show you six easy ways to create eye-catching videos, as well as several affordable video-making tools.

Have you ever considered using videos as part of your social media marketing strategy? Yes, but the idea seems to you too expensive? That’s not true.

Videos are an excellent way to promote your business, increase the range of posts and the number of their shares. They perfectly fit in the modern hectic life, including the boom of mobile technologies. Considering the aforementioned facts, we encourage you to not ignore this opportunity.

And please, do not think of YouTube as the only platform for sharing video content. Since the moment the first video trailer appeared in Instagram, it was only a matter of time marketing specialists to start gaining benefits of short videos and the ease they can be shared on social networks, such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Vine and Pinterest.

#1: Video showing how something is done

Show people how they can do something - whether it comes to solving a specific problem or using one of your products.

If you find this task difficult from a technical point of view, you can use Pic Play Post – easy to use video-making software.

The main challenge in creating a short video is to show your message in its simplest form. If your video is shorter and shows the steps of doing something in the easiest way, it is more likely to become popular.

#2: Video showing your skills

If you demonstrate your skills and include a call-to-action, you can not only entertain your audience, but also attract its attention to your business. Stand out of the crowd by showing people what your skills are and how you can help them.

#3: Video promoting an upcoming event

If there is a popular upcoming event, it is very likely people from your industry to be interested in it. More ingenious brands take advantage of this opportunity and create short videos about the event and enjoy a huge number of shares.

#4: Video showing your new product

It is not necessary to overdo with the advertising techniques in order to show your products in the most favorable light. A better option is to use people’s curiosity, make them intrigued of your product, or entertain them.

When you create a product video, you should think about the people at the first place and then – for the product itself.

#5: Video showing your team

Short videos are an excellent way to let people meet the team behind your brand. Anyone would like to learn more about an organization, whose employees have fun together or do something for charity.

If you add a short and interesting video about your no business extracurricular activities, users will start looking at your organization like it is something more than just a company offering products.

#6: Improvised video

Professionally made videos look very good, but you do not need a big budget to make something of a high quality. Use your imagination and the objects from your everyday life.

Tools for video-making and video-editing:

Instagram’s video tool
Stop Motion

In conclusion

The best way to learn more about the usage of videos in social media marketing is by following your favorite brands and paying attention to the videos that they publish in their social network profiles.

And do not worry, with all that video-making and video-editing tools, even small businesses can start producing promotional video content.

Resource: socialmediaexaminer.com

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