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Online course Job Search on Social Networks

Online course Job Search on Social Networks

Yes, we all love social media when it comes to "Feeling happy" status! What happens when it turns out that your profiles can't help your job search? You'll need a little help.

Social networking has become an important forum where you can advertise your skills, make contacts, look for work, you can even - if you do well - get job offers without having looked for one.

Your virtual professional image is who you are brought into a digital environment. Of course, as you evolve, you have the freedom to evolve it too! Choose the right social networks and learn how to use them in the right way..

Learning objectives

In the e-learning "Job Search on Social Networks", we will briefly introduce you: which social networks to use, what information to post on social networks, Generation X and Generation Y, Baby Boomers, how recruiters search on LinkedIn, how to expand your network of contacts and by what criteria, joining groups, following your favorite online media.

How to pass the training

After reading the lecture material from all three parts, you will take a Final Test. Successful completion of the course depends on the Final Test. You can take the test (which contains 10 questions) an unlimited number of times.

E-learning programme Job Search on Social Networks

Part one. Social networks and the job search process

Module 1. How to use social networks to find a job?

Module 2: How do different generations understand social networks?


Part Two. How to use LinkedIn to find your dream job?

Module 1. What information should your LinkedIn profile contain?

Module 2. How do employers use LinkedIn to find new hires?

Module 3: Four ways to find a job on LinkedIn

Module 4. How to find the right people on LinkedIn?

Module 5. Three ways to effectively expand your LinkedIn network

Module 6. Four ways to warm up relationships with your LinkedIn contacts

Module 7. Increase your visibility through the "Career Interests" functionality

Module 8. How to ask for a recommendation?

Module 9. What information to post on LinkedIn?

Module 10. Articles in LinekdIn


Part Three. Facebook as a tool for finding a job

Module 1. Facebook features that can help you find a job

Module 2. How to increase your visibility on Facebook?

Module 3. How to find a contact on Facebook?


Focus on the goals, not the current status of unemployed. Always present your skills - and the ones you can do best, so the focus is on the positive.

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