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Rapid e learning courses

The best training is the one that is tailored to the learners’ individual needs, interests and abilities.

The flexible way of presenting the learning material, combined with a training with individual speed, in convenient for the learner time and place, offers much more opportunities than a training in a traditional classroom.

In response to the dynamic lifestyle of modern people and the need for constant training and knowledge updating, NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers creation of interactive custom courses - corporate trainings, individual trainings, trainings for different educational institutions – schools, universities, etc.

Since 2005 our team has been working in the sphere of elearning. Despite creation of custom courses, we offer installation, configurations and training to work with top learning management systems (LMS) - ILIAS, Moodle. Our clients are educational institutions and leading private companies from the business sector.

How Do We Work?

We work closely with you - our clients. We know that we can find the right starting point, only if we understand what your previous achievements are and what results do you expect at the end of the training.

We pay attention at your business and learning goals. In that way you receive a training with real and measurable positive result.

We take into consideration your target audience and its technical requirements. We provide materials and environment that will match the knowledge and the abilities of your learners. Your learners will not be hampered by the accompanying components - on the contrary, they will be facilitated and in a fun and enjoyable way they will be able to concentrate on their training and development.

We create custom course for humans. To ensure the utmost effectiveness of your training, we follow the principles of user experience design and on their base we build the architecture and the interface of your course. So it will meet the learners’ expectations and will facilitate their interaction with the product.

Once we have built the structure of your interactive course, we start working on its graphic part. Our experienced designers will design the content that you have provided us in a stylish and detailed way. If you wish, we can add animations (including voiced ones) that will further facilitate the process of adoption and memorization of the learning material.

Of course, we cannot miss the latest discovery in the field of elearning - gamification. Used by many international companies and organizations, it gives impressive results. Thanks to its high interactivity and the ability to encourage teamwork, gamification is the perfect tool you can use to engage and motivate your learners.

What Do You Get?

• A personalizes training - now your vision for an effective design and content can be fulfilled.

• Better results.

• Less expenses.

• Time and human resources savings.

What Else Should You Know, Before You Call Us?

• Please note, that we can help you create your new course, only if you provide us with its content - the basis on which to gain a foothold and to develop it into an interactive online course.

• If you have already made a training, we can integrate it into a learning management system.

• In addition, we offer our clients access to the program for creation of PowerPoint courses - ISpring Suite 7.

Level of Interactivity

The interactivity determines the degree of user interaction with the course. Larger levels of interactivity lead to the need for time devotion in order the course to be created - which accordingly affects the final price.


Time and money are the third key factor that you should consider when determining your budget. The bigger the training, the more expensive it becomes.

Contact us for a proposal to develop your training with Articulate Storyline or another suitable program.


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