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What services do we offer?

What services does NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. offer and how do we realize them?

  • DETAILS SEO optimization
    SEO optimization
    SEO aims to improve the visibility of a website on the internet. For this purpose, various techniques are used - from keyword…
  • DETAILS Google advertising
    Google advertising
    Advertising on Google is a useful marketing tool because it allows you to reach those internet users who are not only interested…
  • DETAILS Create a blog
    Create a blog
    How to make a personal website? Should you choose one of the free platforms for creating a blog, or should you turn to a…
  • DETAILS eLearning courses
    eLearning courses
    The best training is the one that is tailored to the learners’ individual needs, interests and abilities. We understand the…
  • DETAILS Gamification
    In the modern high tech world, people hardly keep their attention on training, conducted with the help of traditional educational…
  • DETAILS Webinars
    We organize and conduct webinars (web-based seminars) and online conferences according to the needs of our customers
  • DETAILS LMS Implementation
    LMS Implementation
    Learning management systems (LMS) are an excellent training and learning tool that can be successfully used in organizations…
  • DETAILS Learning Management Systems
    Learning Management Systems
    NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers to its clients three of the world’s most qualitative learning management systems…
  • DETAILS Website Development
    Website Development
    NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. has an extensive experience with the processes that take place in the World Wide Web
  • DETAILS Magento eCommerce online stores web development
    Magento eCommerce online stores web development
    During the last few years, e-commerce became a leading online business, constantly gaining new clients and investments
  • DETAILS Website Maintenance
    Website Maintenance
    NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. values its clients and follows the principle of establishing long-term and effective…
  • DETAILS Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    In order to meet the growing needs of its customers and to guarantee them a successful business, NIT - New Internet Technologies…
  • DETAILS Online Advertising
    Online Advertising
    Social media marketing is not the only part of online advertising
  • DETAILS Traditional Advertising
    Traditional Advertising
    Despite the extremely increased influence of the methods of online advertising and social media marketing, more traditional…
  • DETAILS Museum System
    Museum System
    We offer you to integrate your museum collection in a web based catalogue system that will organize your museum inside and…
  • DETAILS Online Office
    Online Office
    NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers its clients a software, which functionalities allow its classification as an…
  • DETAILS Multimedia Management System
    Multimedia Management System
    NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. has used its long-standing experience in the field of software technologies and developed…
  • DETAILS Statistical System for Municipalities
    Statistical System for Municipalities
    As local authorities, the Bulgarian municipalities and regional governments are responsible for the success of local policies.
  • DETAILS Systems Technical Support
    Systems Technical Support
    Range of the systems technical support, provided by NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd.