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Museum System

Native collections can be digitized

We offer you to integrate your museum collection in a web based catalogue system that will organize your museum inside and outside


What do we offer?

We offer you to integrate your museum collection in a web based catalogue system that will organize your museum inside and outside. The system, that we will personalize and specifically configure to the needs of your museum or gallery, meets the highest standards of museum systems.

Except for museum, the system can be customized for any type of galleries and collections. It would be useful for any artist who wants to have complete control over their works and defend them.

What is a museum system?

The museum system is a web-based software platform (web framework) that can be used as an administrative unit (for managing and cataloging), as well as a public presentation of objects, items, events, places, collections, storage, dictionaries and all you would like to enter into it. The system gives you control over your database and allows interconnection between objects and extremely easy operation. It retains all introduced objects digitally and allows easy and flexible configuration according to the needs of your collections. One of its main advantages is that it allows experts from different fields to add, manage and organize content in their area of expertise. The web framework provides a platform for collaboration among experts and thus internally framing the structure of their projects.

The system is web based, which simplifies its maintenance and utilization. The administrative and public parts of the system operate with properly licensed components, without imposing additional costs for software, complementary coverage and applications. 

Functionality and features?

The web framework that we offer for integration will not lock you in a structure that you should blindly follow. It allows numerous opportunities and personal configuration that will be configured according to your data structure.

The platform allows the use of multiple metadata standards or selection of predefined profile configuration library. The system components can be added and modified in order to meet the specific needs of the client.The platform is multilingual and each element can be added simultaneously in any available language.  This simplifies the entering of information and therefore facilitates all parties involved in the maintenance of the database. 

The public part allows to be presented only pre-selected items from the administrative part of the frameworks. In this way, customer can protect items that does not want to show to the public, but still keep them electronically. So they will be visible only to users who have the required access. 

The public part of the system has a neutral design and at the same time it is modern and up to date with trends in web design. This allows its separate usage, without having to be processed in a new and expensive website. However, if the museum already has a web site that wants to continue using, there is no problem the framework to be used with it. This happens by changing the design of the system, which does not affect its functionality. 

It is possible to create various connections between the objects, items, events, places, collections storage areas, glossaries and everything else that can be entered in the web framework. For example, elements of different types can be attached in collections, sets, records, etc. or be arranged in a hierarchical form. An additional functionality gives the opportunity records to be embedded in other records, which allows easy cataloging of complex collections, geographical areas and special collections. 
One of the main advantages of the integration of the museum is the search option. Inside the system you can quickly and easily find any of the entered information. You can do everything from searching by a single keyword to search by complex custom shapes and combinations. Users can search in all languages and metric formats as it applies normalization of all values. 

In addition, you can take advantage of features such as displaying a specific object in the public section, reporting tools, sets of objects, displaying geographic location on a map and many others.


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