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Systems Technical Support

Systems Technical Support by NIT-New Internet Technologies

Range of the systems technical support, provided by NIT- New Internet Technologies Ltd.

Maintaining the system in operational condition

 Ensuring the operating system performance 

 Ensuring the server components performance

 Ensuring the LMS/CMS/other service performance

 Ensuring the system visibility

 Security maintenance

 Operating system and server access security maintenance

 LMS/CMS security maintenance


       Participation in the definition of changes in order to develop new features

       Consultations for the ways of realization of the changes for the new features

       Response to customers’ inquiries, connected with the technical aspects of the system

Problem Notification/Asking a Question

You may feel free to direct your notifications about occurring problem or you can ask us a question every working day from 10:00 to 18:00 - by phone or anytime – by email.

Contact phone: 02 850 53 64

Email: office@nitbg.com

Upon notification by phone NIT-New Internet Technologies reserves the right to request an additional copy of the notification by email

Response and Problem Solving/Answering a Question

 Reaction to a problem/Answering a question within 6 hours (on working days) between 10:00 and 18:00.

 Reaction to a problem outside working days and holidays is as quick as possible. The longest reaction time is up to 6 hours after the start of the next working day.

 A specific problem is solved within 8 hours – otherwise, the client is informed about the time and the means that are necessary to solve it.

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