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Best practices in creating and using passwords

The basic principles and methods for creating strong passwords

Find out how to create and maintain strong, resilient passwords that are difficult for malicious parties to crack.

Password security in the online world is of the utmost importance. In the "Best Practices for Constructing and Using Passwords" course, you will learn how to create strong passwords and how to maintain them.

Weak passwords are vulnerable to attack by making it easy for malicious actors to access your accounts. Creating strong passwords is not just a task, but a process of improving your online security.

In the course, you'll find information on creating passwords that are difficult to crack, learn effective strategies for managing multiple passwords, find out what mistakes not to make when creating passwords, get helpful tips for protecting your passwords, and what to do if you forget or compromise your password.



Course content

  1. Introduction

  • The importance of secure passwords
  • Consequences of weak passwords
  1. Basic concepts

  • What is a good password?
  • The importance of password strength
  • Common password mistakes
  1. How to create a secure password?

  • Using long passwords with a combination of characters
  • Avoiding personal information and general words
  • Using random password generators
  1. Two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication

  • What is two-factor and multi-factor authentication?
  • Why do they offer greater security?
  1. Password management

  • Using password management software
  • Rules and principles for changing passwords
  1. Password protection

  1. Forgotten or compromised password procedures

  1. Practical lessons and tests

  1. Conclusion and summary


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