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Online Course Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Training - What are the cybersecurity threats?

The use of the Internet and the digitalization of many processes has its negative sides and poses dangers. Learn the basic principles of cyber security, organizational and technical protection measures.

Cybersecurity training is necessary because everyday activities in work and personal life are becoming increasingly digitized.  While this has its advantages and creates convenience for most people, the increased use of technology is leading to an increase in the number of hacking attacks on individuals as well as large and small companies. Even world-renowned companies are becoming the target of cyber-attacks as the most attractive and targeted by hackers are those that handle a large database of personal data. Typically, companies' lack of preparation and cybersecurity training to meet new threats makes them a target for cybercriminals.

In cybersecurity training, you will learn what the main cybersecurity threats are, the main methods of attack and how to protect yourself when using any of them against you or the company you work for.

Find out what precautions to take based on your company's resources, needs and customers. You'll learn what the role of management and employees is in protecting cybersecurity in any enterprise.

Course content

Introduction to cyber security - implications of cyber incidents.

Main threats

  • Phishing
  • Malicious code  
  • Web-based attacks

Cybersecurity measures

  • Basic principles of cyber security,
  • Organisational measures
  • Technical measures (access protection, specific recommendations for COVID - 19)).

Taking responsibility in building cyber security 

  • Management Commitment
  • Employee participation 
  • Employee awareness
  • Cyber Security Training
  • Matching the threat with the recommendations

Cybersecurity training is critical for anyone who wants to protect their digital security.

Here's how cybersecurity training can benefit different groups of people:

  1. For Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs: For people who run their own business or work in a corporate environment, cyber security training provides key knowledge to protect companies from potential cyber attacks. This helps protect sensitive customer data and company reputation.

  2. For parents and home users: cybersecurity is not limited to the business sphere. For parents and home users, cybersecurity training is a way to ensure the security of their personal data, financial information and family life online.

  3. For students and young professionals: young people starting their careers in the world of technology and marketing can benefit from cyber security training. This allows them to be more secure in their jobs and build trust with clients and employers.

  4. For educational institutions and teachers: Schools and universities can integrate cyber security training into their curricula to prepare the next generation of professionals in the field. This helps students develop important information security skills.

  5. For anyone using the internet and technology: recent events show that anyone can be a target of a cyber attack. Cybersecurity training gives each of us the tools to protect ourselves from phishing attacks, malware and other threats.


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