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Online Course Managing Virtual Teams

E-learning Managing Virtual Teams

Innovative way of teamwork and managing teams remotely to achieve goals and communicate effectively.

If you've been involved in standard team management or been part of a team working in an office, don't be fooled. Managing virtual teams and remote teamwork can be challenging, even if you have a good understanding of successful leadership. An article on entrepreneur.com points out that when you have a virtual team, you need to create a remote corporate structure. In the article, Rocco Baldassarre writes, "A 2020 workforce survey found that 83% of employers plan to increase the number of telecommuters within the next 3 years." This leads to the conclusion that successful team management and teamwork in telecommuting will become increasingly important.





In the training we will look at what are the main advantages and disadvantages in modern remote team management, what communication skills you need to have when working in a remote team, what are the main challenges you are likely to face and how to deal with them.

Learning objectives

In the eLearning "Managing Virtual Teams", we will introduce you to: the benefits and challenges of remote teamwork, communication skills required for teamwork, the qualities needed for successful leadership and motivation in virtual teams, and what it means to effectively manage teams remotely..

If you want to manage a team remotely, you need to know how to build good relationships between team members and have the communication skills required for remote teamwork. We'll look at effective ways and strategies to inspire your employees to work cohesively and effectively, and to stay motivated to work. We'll look at technical challenges and useful programs that will make managing teamwork easier, as well as keeping track of project tasks, emerging difficulties, and problem resolution.

The training is conducted entirely online. Going through the lecture material, you can take notes, make sketches. Our goal is to prepare you for the management of virtual teams using the prepared modules and the final test.

Content of the training

The lecture material is divided into parts, richly illustrated and presented in an interactive style. The training ends with a final test.

E-learning programme "Managing virtual teams"

1. Introduction to Virtual Team Management Training

2. What are virtual teams?

3. Specifics in managing virtual teams

4. Challenges of managing virtual teams

5. Building trust, motivation, effective virtual team

6. Mistakes when managing virtual teams

7. Ideas for team building games in a virtual team

8. Final test for successful completion of the training

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