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Online course "Time Management Masterclass"

E-learning "Time Management Masterclass"

To be able to organize the working time of both yourself and your employees, you need to know the basic principles of people management that, when applied, will save you wasting time.

Course “Time Management Masterclass”

In order to organize your working time and the time of your employees better, you need to know the main principles for managing people, which, when applied, will save you a considerable amount of time.

The e-learning course “Time Management Masterclass” will focus on terms such as ‘1:1 meetings’, ‘management of expected response’, ‘correct and incorrect communication’.

One of the most important things you need to do as a manager is to be able to separate your personal tasks from the working time with your employees. After completing the course, you will be able to create a win-win situation in which the responsibility for your team rests on you and at the same time, your team knows what and when to do it, and delivers all measurable results within a time limit.

In order to manage your projects effectively, it is necessary to prioritize your tasks, draw an action plan, and allow time for discussing questions. Your work as a manager with respect to time management is also to foresee possible problems and their resolution.


Module 1: People management

  • 1:1 meetings
  • Management of the response expectations
  • How to set a positive example?
  • Invest in your employee’s training.
  • Correct communication

Module 2: Delegation

  • Example
  • Effective delegation
  • What to think about before delegation?
  • How to find the correct person to whom to delegate the task?
  • Tips for successful delegation
  • What to do after delegation?

Module 3: Project management

  • Tips for coordination of multiple projects
  • Distribute scarce resources
  • Hold others responsible for deadlines
  • Foresee possible problems
  • “Meeting time” versus “working time”
  • Template for project management

Module 4: Priority management

  • Working with SMART
  • Task list
  • Separate tasks into stages
  • Selectivity
  • Use GANNT chart
  • Use calendars as an instrument for prioritization
  • Innovative tools for time management and applications for business productivity
  • Maintain meetings directed to actions
  • The power of fun

Bonus topic “Management Skills and the Art to Manage”: everything you need to know about management skills and the effective methods of their application. The skills that will make you a leader!

The course also contains:

  • Interim tasks
  • Examples
  • Graphic materials – infographics
  • Files for download
  • Videos
  • Final test


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