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Online course "Emergent threats from spam and phishing emails"

Learn how to protect yourself from spam and phishing attacks

The training provides practical knowledge and skills, examples that will help you to recognize spam and phishing emails and prevent such online attacks.

In today's digital world, where emails are an integral part of our daily communication, online security is paramount. Threats from spam and phishing emails are increasing and hackers are constantly using new techniques to trick and abuse users' personal and financial information.

The training will teach you how to recognize spam and phishing emails by learning to distinguish fraudulent messages from legitimate ones. You will learn methods to prevent leakage of personal information and financial data through email. You'll learn message and link analysis skills that will help you avoid falling into fraudulent schemes. You'll learn about different software tools and settings that can strengthen your defenses against spam and phishing. You'll learn what to do in the event of a spam or phishing attack, including how to report the incident and mitigate the damage.



Course content

  1. Basics of spam and phishing

    • Basics of spam and phishing
    • How do spam and phishing work?
    • Different types of spam and phishing attacks
    • Measuring the volume and impact of spam and phishing
  1. Spam and phishing email detection

    • Recognition of inappropriate or suspicious email addresses and domains
    • Recognition of fraudulent messages and requests for personal information
    • Link analysis: best practices
    • Detect suspicious attachments
  1. Prevention and protection

    • Email protection and security settings
    • Spam and phishing protection software
    • Training and awareness: the key to protection
    • Notification of spam and phishing emails
  1. Contemporary threats and trends

    • Using AI and Machine Learning for spam and phishing attacks
    • Unprecedented threats: phishing attacks and "Crypto" phishing
    • Threats related to COVID-19 and other current events
    • Future trends in spam and phishing
  1. Practical scenarios and examples

    • Analysis of real spam and phishing attacks
    • Actions after a spam or phishing attack
    • Self-study exercises and tests


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