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NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. provided Postbank, a distance learning online platform - ILIAS.

For 28 years, “Postbank” Ltd has been a leading and dynamically developing leader in the banking market in Bulgaria. It has one of the most advanced branch networks across the country. A leading factor in innovation and trend-setting in the banking sector, “Postbank” Ltd has been repeatedly rewarded for its innovations. In 2019, she received the Best Retail Banking in Bulgaria Award, the Business Educational Orienteering Project, the Innovative Company of the Year, the Banking Leadership, Development Award of technology and human resources ”and others.

Established in offering credit and debit cards, home and consumer lending, it is central to retail and corporate banking, with clients both small businesses and large international companies.

Acquiring the activity of “Alfa Bank Bulgaria” Ltd in 2016 and the purchase of the shares of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria Ltd in 2019, “Postbank” Ltd is taking another step in consolidating its position, which also leads to the expansion of its client base and its international activity.

Adhering to its values - responsibility, trust, quality, teamwork, the bank has set itself the goal of being a full participant in the life processes that Bulgarian society goes through, supporting projects in some of the major areas such as education, culture, sports and care. for the environment.

“Postbank” Ltd is an active member of Eurobank Group and works in support of CRIB, AmCham, NVSV initiatives, Association of Banks in Bulgaria, Borika AD, Endover Bulgaria Association, Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, Bulgarian Donor Forum Association , the Atanas Burov Foundation, the Bulgarian Global Compact Network, the Bulgarian Advertiser Association, and the Bulgarian Fintech Association.

Sustainable development initiatives are a major part of “Postbank” Ltd 's business. To meet the desires and needs of its clients, it offers innovative solutions - a mobile application for My Card credit cards, the first of its kind "Savings home loan" in Bulgaria, which gives clients the freedom to reduce their monthly payment or repayment period themselves to your loan, "Different consumer credit", which imposes completely new standards in consumer lending in Bulgaria, a convenient application for mobile banking m-Postbank Ltd, free online video consulting via Skype by the bank's experts, as well as Mobile Banking customer-available items. One of the latest innovations is the More Today credit program, with which consumers increase their disposable income by up to 50% and can remove their monthly fee themselves.

The Finances by Note Finance Financial Literacy Campaign and the Partnership with “UNICEF Bulgaria” Ltd "The best start for any child" are some of “Postbank” Ltd 's major projects. In addition, there are the Postbank Business Run charity relay race, the internal Green Start with Postbank Ltd program and participation in the international PARKing Day initiative.

“NIT-New Internet Technologies” Ltd works in cooperation with “Postbank” Ltd, providing it with a platform for distance learning, hosting, technical support and more.
We know how important it is for staff to be well trained to respond appropriately to any situation. The development and enrichment of the skills and digital culture of the employees enhance the quality of work and thus achieve a more effective presentation and validation of the company on the market.


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