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Course How to deal with difficult customers

The difficult customer is a challenge for every trader

What are the types of difficult customers and what to do in the situations we find ourselves in with them? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this online course.

Course “How to Deal with Difficult Clients”

A challenge each salesman faces

What types of difficult clients are common and what to do in tense situations when we have to deal with them? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in this online course.

Have you ever experienced a situation when a client raises their voice and behaves as if you owe them something? You know that clients always have a right, so when problematic demeanor provokes a similar response, this may lead to an unwanted reaction. In such situations the best you can do is remain calm and address that client with understanding. If you are unable to do that, you could turn to the manager who will have to resolve the case.

Each salesman has stumbled on difficult clients in their practice, some more often than others, however, not everyone manages to change the situation to their advantage. Some suffer from a burnout and put an end to their sales career, while others climb the ladder namely thanks to the skills they have developed for dealing with difficult clients. If sales are your passion, and you want to grow in this direction, our online course “How to Deal with Difficult Clients” will be quite useful.

We survey not only the types of difficult clients and how to deal with them, but also illustrate these with scenarios from business practice with ready responses which you may take and apply to your work.

Course content:

Module 1. How to understand clients’ behavior – why do they behave in a certain way?

  • What are the main characteristics of difficult clients?

Module 2. Types of difficult clients and techniques for dealing with them

  • We view the types of difficult clients, how to recognize, discern and handle them.

Module 3. Main steps for dealing with difficult clients.

  • You will learn the most common situations you may find yourself in when facing a difficult client and how to deal with them.

Module 4. Skills you will need to deal with difficult clients

Module 5. Scenarios with clients and ready answers

After the successful completion of the final test, you will receive a certificate!

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