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Online Course How to deal with negative comments on social networks?

Negative comments on social media can be a positive too!

If you only have positive comments on social networks - this can discourage the consumer to buy from you. That's why you need to encourage sincere opinions from buyers and know how to deal with negative reviews. You'll learn just that in this course.

Positive comments on social media don't always speak well of a company, they are often considered insincere - a company can't be that perfect. Negative comments, on the other hand, are still not preferable. That's why it's a good idea to encourage honesty and candor from your customers so potential buyers can get a more complete picture of you.

No, this doesn't mean letting them write without responding - quite the opposite - the more sincere you are to positive and negative comments, the better they will reflect on your company.

Being able to manage your social audience, regardless of reviews, is what will leave a potential buyer feeling authentic and trusted.

We'll show you how to respond to even the most negative feedback, what to do when the mistake really is yours, and how to address those who leave positive comments. All this and more, plus a general outline for responding to comments, will help you deal with any review left by a user on your company page!

Course content

Module 1. Why are negative comments on social networks a problem for businesses?

• The impact of negative comments on social networks.
• What does this mean for social media companies?

Module 2. Why do people write comments and reviews?

• Facts about consumer behaviour.
• What to do now that you know why users write comments and how to explains their behavior?

Module 3. What are the pros of negative comments?

Module 4. Why is it important to respond to negative comments?

• Reasons why to respond to negative comments and reviews
• Reasons why reviews or comments should not be deleted. Exceptions.
• How to delete unacceptable comments?

Module 5. How to respond to negative comments?

• Steps for responding to a negative comment.
• What should you not do when responding to negative comments?
• How do you respond to positive feedback and comments?
• How to get more positive feedback?

Module 6. Responding to positive feedback and comments

• Why should you respond to positive feedback and comments?

Module 7. General scheme for responding to comment!


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