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Established in 2002 software company NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers services in the field of informational technologies and the related processes

What Do We Offer?

Over the years we have accomplished more than 300 projects in the following areas:

• design, development and maintenance of websites, online stores, web applications, desktop application and mobile applications;

• delivery, installation and training to work with learning management systems (LMS), creation of interactive courses;

• online and print advertising;

• social media marketing (SMM);

• search engine optimization (SEO);

• museum cataloging system, digitization services and services in building digital centres;

• systems technical support.

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Our Team

Our team consists of web developers, designers, consultants and marketers with vast experience in the IT sector. Our products meet all clients’ requirements, their business goals and at the same time they offer excellent user experience, apart from the used platform and device. We always stay on budget and maintain transparency and communication with our customers during all development phases.

We take orders both in Bulgaria and abroad.

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