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Online Course Effective delegation for managers

Find out more about the key to success for great managers!

Successful managers delegate! They are successful because they manage not only their team and their time, but also their tasks. In this course, we will give you what you need to be able to make more time for the duties that are up to you, and how to differentiate between them.

For many managers, the thought of delegating is scary, the questions in their heads even more threatening to their jobs. If it's even a little like that for you, don't worry!

The course "Effective Delegation for Managers" will address all concerns. It will introduce you to the basics of delegation and its benefits, not only for you, but also for your employees and your organization.

The tips and techniques that are included along with the theory will make the delegation process easier, smoother and ultimately effective. You will build a team with strong trust in each other and have more time for your managerial duties while they develop their skills.

Effective delegation doesn't just benefit the manager, it develops employees and the organisation as a whole.



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Course content

What does delegation mean?

• Delegation and micromanagement; What are the challenges facing the manager?  

Styles of delegation

• In which situations what style of delegation should the manager adopt; what are their advantages and disadvantages?  

Principles and rules of delegation

• What a manager can and cannot delegate; To whom and what does it mean for each individual and the company as a whole?  

Process of delegation

• What are the steps a manager needs to take to make delegation effective?  

Benefits of delegation

• Who gains what from effectively delegated tasks - for the employee, the manager and the organization.  

Delegation errors

• The most common delegation mistakes. What can a manager do to avoid them?  

Intermediate tasks and exercises

• Brief problems for learning the material, as well as techniques for practical exercises.  

Bonus topic "Managerial Skills and the Art of Managing" - Everything you need to know about managerial skills and effective methods for their application. The skills that make you a manager!

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