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Useful and interesting IT articles, eLearning news

Some useful and interesting IT articles, eLearning news by NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd.

    10 tips for successful online store
    If you want your online store to be successful, you should work carefully and with discipline.
    eLearning and business
    More and more often companies, especially those of a larger size, embrace eLearning as a tool to increase their employees’…
    Why doesn’t your website sell?
    As we all know, the main purpose of every website is to increase sales and build a strong online presence.
    Why does your business need a website?
    Some small and medium business owners still perceive websites as an unnecessary expense.
    How did responsive design emerge?
    As you know, the popularity of mobile devicessignificantly increased during the last couple of yearsand thus, the number…
    Videos in social networks
    In today's article we will show you six easy ways to create eye-catching videos, as well as several affordable video-making…
    4 gamification myths - debunked
    Gamification is a powerful educational tool, which in the recent years attracted the attention of a number of educational…
    Distance Learning
    Distance learning may include various types of online activities. Generally speaking, it is a way to learn from a distance,…
    The elements that every home page must have
    We suppose that it often happens to you to land on an old, unsupported and difficult to orientate website. And this does…
    Facebook redesigned its logo
    A couple of days ago the most popular social network Facebook changed its logo
    SEO optimization in 2015
    As we all know Google changes its search algorithms several hundred times per year